Computer Hardware – Inner City Health Clinics With Access to HIPPA IT Computer Capabilities

When the HIPPA medical rules came into fruition during the Bush Administration large hospitals were able to comply, and duly pass on those additional costs for their information technology infrastructure onto the clients or patients. Luckily for them, the government was footing most of the bill for Medicaid and Medicare. However, smaller hospitals could not afford to upgrade, therefore the larger hospitals were able to buy them for a good price and grow through mergers and acquisitions.

The very small hospitals in the inner-city, along with the clinics in the urban areas could not afford to stay in business with these new laws and rules, nor did the larger hospitals want to buy them, because it would be too much work for not enough money. Many of them therefore had closed. However, there was probably another solution to this problem had the HIPPA requirements been phased-in at a slower rate. Even now, we could bring back these inner-city clinics, if we were to work in a free-market solution.

Larger Hospitals should be allowed to offer outsourced IT services to the urban inner clinics and the State or Federal Government could foot the bill. This would go a long way to providing basic important health care where it is needed, without sending the uninsured into the emergency rooms of larger hospitals overwhelming them with costs, and unpaid bills. Although ObamaCare works to see that everyone is to be insured, it did little if anything to help control the spiraling increases in medical costs.

Having inner-city clinics is a very good idea because it reduces costs, and it puts the medical facilities where they are easy to get to, and where huge population bases exist of low income and poor minorities. People just need somewhere to go to help them with their medical needs. If we really cared about people, as the Obama Administration claims to, then we do something about this problem, and it could also go a long way to lowering our medical costs, not just for poor people, but for everyone.

What may have been good intentioned, and helping out the information technology lobby, and the medical industrial complex, turned out to be a very poor strategy and decision for low income inner-city medical clinics, and we need to fix that. Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but we can’t let this go on any longer and still claim to be providing healthcare for the poor. Those inner-city clinics were doing their jobs for decades, but then it all went away. Then the government comes up with ObamaCare as the solution to keep these folks at of emergency rooms, and to ensure that everyone had medical insurance.

HIPPA with the increases in IT costs were the straw that broke that camel’s back. Those medical clinics could not afford all that computer hardware, thus, did not and were regulated right out of business, that’s a travesty. Thus, all I see is more bad legislation and unintended consequences built on a foundation of mistakes in Congress due to lobbyists and crony capitalism. There is no honor in that. Please consider all this and think on it.

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